We defend the Bronx.

The Bronx Defenders Organizing Project

The Bronx Defenders Organizing Project

The Bronx Defenders Organizing Project brings together clients, former clients, and community members to fight for justice and fairness in the South Bronx and beyond. We equip members of the Bronx Community with the information, resources, and training to fight for their rights. And we build political power through voter registration and engagement, lobbying politicians, direct action, Know Your Rights workshops, and community events.

Our current campaign to change the NYPD aims to:

  1. Stop the abuse of “stop-and-frisk”;
  2. End discriminatory policing; and
  3. Increase NYPD accountability and transparency.

What kinds of things do we do?

  • We host and present at community forums and Town Halls attended by hundreds of community members and elected officials.
  • We meet with Bronx City Council Members to get their support for legislation that will reform the NYPD.
  • We offer Know Your Rights training, information, and resources to thousands of South Bronx residents.
  • We host Youth Justice Summits to inform and empower Bronx youth on issues that impact their daily lives by offering workshops on organizing, legal rights during police interaction, conflict resolution, and mock trial/moot court.
  • We participate in citywide events to support the campaign to change the NYPD.

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