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Defenders’ Academy

Defenders’ Academy

Registration for Defenders’ Academy: Spring Training 2020 is now open.

Please contact Katie Wozencroft at katiew@bronxdefenders.org with any questions or concerns regarding registrations.

Want to gain the skills required to become a more persuasive litigator? Join us at Defenders’ Academy, a CLE-approved, continuing-education project created and developed at The Bronx Defenders.

Defenders’ Academy is a unique trial skills program for public defenders and private attorneys. Our program challenges litigators to conceptualize classic trial skills in new and innovative ways, led by faculty comprised of highly experienced trial lawyers and coaches from all over the country. Some of our courses are taught in conjunction with performance experts, including actors, voice and movement coaches, and storytellers, who enhance the program’s unique approach.

Defenders’ Academy Trainings

Defenders’ Academy: Spring Training five-day intensive trial skills program for criminal and family defenders. Participants are challenged to combine persuasive advocacy with a mastery of fundamental trial skills.

Through the lens of a complex case problem, participants first identify the important stories clients have to tell and then build the skills to tell those stories. Past breakout sessions have focused on client interviewing, voir dire, opening statements, direct examination, cross-examination, impeachment, objections, evidentiary foundations, and closing argument.

Each session incorporates performance work, which is supported by our experienced arts faculty of actors, voice coaches, and storytellers. Every participant has a video review session with an experienced trial lawyer and a vocal session with one of our voice coaches.

This year’s Defenders’ Academy will take place on March 23rd – 27th2020 at CUNY Law School in Long Island City, NY.

Please contact Katie Wozencroft at katiew@bronxdefenders.org with any questions or concerns.