The Bronx Defenders Completes its 2014 Defenders’ Academy Spring Training Program!

Today wrapped up the sixth and final day The Bronx Defenders 2014 Defenders’ Academy Spring Training! Over the course of the past week, 78 participants from over 20 different organizations – ranging from public defender offices to private firms to the U.S. military – have participated in an intensive trial skills program designed to strengthen their skills as zealous advocates.


The program brought in skilled faculty from within The Bronx Defenders office and across the U.S. to cover a range of topics aimed at strengthening attorneys’ trial readiness, including storytelling, voir dire, opening and closing statements, direct and cross examinations, and communicating with clients. The program also allowed for breakout sessions tailored to participants’ practice areas: criminal defense, family dense, or civil action.


We would like to extend a huge thanks to all of our faculty members and participants who have worked so hard to make this year’s Defenders’ Academy a success!