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What We Do 

The Bronx Defenders has been serving the people of the Bronx since 1997 by assisting them with their legal issues free of charge. We represent people in court who have been arrested and charged with crimes in the Bronx, or parents whom ACS has filed a case against in Family Court. We also have many other advocates who can assist clients with their legal and non-legal situations when they are arrested. If you do not have a lawyer, and the police or ACS has contacted you, you should immediately call our legal emergency hotline at 347-778-1266 or come to our offices.   

The Bronx Defenders is a community-based office located in the heart of the South Bronx. We have different resources available for both clients and community members. We also host events, trainings and townhalls on the important legal issues facing people of the community.

Community Intake

We have open-door community intake services available to walk-in clients five days a week from 9 AM to 4 PM at our Client Reception space located at 360 East 161st Street.  Our practice is limited to primarily Bronx County criminal defense and ACS defense matters, but we may be able to assist you navigate other legal issues. We cannot promise that an attorney will be assigned to your case. Every person is entitled, at a minimum, to advice and counsel and a meaningful referral from our intake advocates. We can assist people in contacting other legal support organizations, local courts, and service providers such as treatment programs. You can also schedule an appointment with an intake advocate by calling 718-838-7878.

Legal Emergency Hotline

This year, in order to further facilitate access to attorneys in emergencies, we launched a 24-hour legal hotline. If you or a family member is arrested, wanted by the police or contacted by ACS, you should reach out to our hotline at 347-778-1266 any time of the day. We can call the precinct to get information, stay in contact with family and friends and can answer questions about the process. Click to see our flyer in English and Spanish.

Links and Online Resources

You can visit our online resource center and information clearinghouse on prison, reentry and the consequences of criminal proceedings in New York at Reentry Net NY. There you can find a full list of resources available to the public and our People’s Guide to the Consequences of a Criminal Proceeding. Communities United for Policy Reform developed a brief booklet, Know Your Rights! Help End Discriminatory, Abusive & Illegal Policing!, to help New Yorkers of all backgrounds understand their rights when interacting with the police. Additionally, individual Know Your Rights resources are available on the right side of this page.