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LGBTQ Defense Project

LGBTQ Defense Project

The LGBTQ Defense Project is a dedicated team of advocates representing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer residents in legal matters. Our advocates have specialized expertise fighting on behalf of members of the Bronx LGBTQ community.

Every day, low-income LGBTQ community members are at high and disproportionate risk of system involvement and victim to injustices as they navigate it. LGBTQ people regularly experience profiling and disparate treatment by law enforcement and government agencies. Transgender women and gender non-conforming people are often profiled as sex workers, and arrested and charged with prostitution-related offenses. A disproportionate number of homeless individuals, youth and adults, identify as LGBTQ, resulting in a disproportionate risk of being swept up into street level arrests. Further, LGBTQ people face widespread bias in accessing stablizing social services, ranging from housing to employment. Finally, while in detention, transgender and gender non conforming people are incredibly vulnerable to sexual assault and harassment, and they are routinely denied gender-appropriate housing and healthcare.

The LGBTQ Defense Project works creatively, zealously, and compassionately to ensure meaningful access to justice and secure better outcomes for our clients. We provide the support needed to establish stability in our clients’ lives, ensure fair treatment of LGBTQ people within the legal systems, and help clients seek redress for state-backed violence and discrimination.

Questions? Email us at LGBTQDefense@BronxDefenders.org


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