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Training & Technical Assistance

Whether your organization operates as a public defender office, a statewide system, assigned counsel program, or individual practitioner or advocate, The Center for Holistic Defense is available to assist you in examining the current state of your practice and how you can more fully and skillfully incorporate the principles of Holistic Defense at either the individual or organizational level. This offer of training and technical assistance is open to all, from office heads to managers, to individual practitioners.

We provide technical assistance and support in all aspects of Holistic Defense for offices that are just beginning the process of re-imagining their practice as well as those that are well along the path towards embracing Holistic Defense. The assistance we provide ranges from phone- and web-based consultations to site visits and on-site trainings as well as review, advice, and cooperative planning.

The precise contours of the assistance provided will vary depending on the needs of the particular office. For some, the Center’s technical assistance will be the launching point of an office-wide initiative introducing staff to Holistic Defense. For others, the assistance offered by the Center will be another step in a process well underway.

The assistance offered by the Center for Holistic Defense includes:

✓ Visits to The Bronx Defenders

The Center arranges visits to our offices in The Bronx, allowing interested defenders and others to gain a first-hand view of what Holistic Defense looks like as it is practiced at The Bronx Defenders.

✓ On-site Assistance for Organizations

Typically following a visit to The Bronx Defenders, The Center offers on-site assistance in your office in one or more areas of Holistic Defense.

✓ Assistance for Individuals

Front-line defenders – whether attorneys, social workers, community outreach workers, community advocates, or investigators – can ask questions or seek advice on how Holistic Defense bears on their individual practice and on how they can begin to practice more holistically.

✓ Written Material

The Center has created a variety of written materials on different aspects of Holistic Defense. Topics include: developing an immigration services plan; collaborating with social workers; and community resource mapping.

✓ Training and Professional Development

Expert practitioners from The Bronx Defenders are available to lead training sessions for advocates on various aspects of Holistic Defense or to make presentations on Holistic Defense at conferences or symposia.

✓ Online Access To Experts

The institutional and individual expertise of The Bronx Defenders is available to anyone interested in adopting a more holistic model of legal practice. We encourage any interested member of the indigent defense community – from staff attorneys to students, office heads to activists, social workers to investigators – to contact us with any questions you may have about Holistic Defense, in theory or in practice. We’d love to hear from you.


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Request Training & Technical Assistanc

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