HuffPost: Our Government’s Latest Betrayal

“The end of DACA and TPS violates the trust that about one million people placed in our Government and principles of fundamental fairness. TPS and DACA holders have lived, many of them with legal authorization, in our country for decades, some of them since they were months old. They have opened businesses, paid taxes, formed families, and contributed immensely to the prosperity of our country. To demand that someone in their position pack their bags and leave everything behind is to betray their contributions to our country, particularly when they trusted our government with the tools to deport them.”

In this HuffPost op-ed, Luis Mancheno, an immigration defense attorney at The Bronx Defenders details the dyer impact of the Trump Administration’s decision to end both TPS for more than 200,000 Salvadorans and DACA for nearly 800,000 Dreamers.

Read the full op-ed here.