CBS News: Seeking asylum: An immigrant’s journey to America

“Seeking asylum is not a privilege, it’s a right. Every single human being in the world has that right. People think it’s a gift. It’s not. It’s an obligation.”

In a powerful documentary by CBS News, our immigration attorney Luis Mancheno sheds light on the arduous process he and other asylum seekers have faced in coming to the United States. CBS follows Shahab Shahbazi, who fled religious persecution in Iran and after travelling thousands of miles and finally crossing the U.S. border, he discovered his journey was far from over.

“The hardships that asylum seekers face in order to reach safety do not end when they get to our border. That is only the beginning of a long and difficult process,” he wrote. “This process alone often takes months, and during these months asylum seekers are kept in jail, even when they have not broken any laws.”

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