BxD’s Scott Levy & Sarah Deri Oshiro speaks with BronxTalk

Scott Levy, Special Counsel to the Criminal Defense Practice and Sarah Deri Oshiro, Managing Director of the Immigration Practice sit down and speak with BronxTalk.

Scott Levy discusses how to bring meaningful change to New York’s bail system:

“The issue is that our bail statute is not used properly right now…If we started actually using the current law to it’s full potential, we would make even greater steps toward a healthier pretrial justice system.”

Sarah Deri Oshiro speaks to how ICE’s intrusive presence in our courts deprives our clients of their right to due process:

“Courthouses in New York State should be treated as sensitive locations where we aren’t going to punish people for seeking their day in court…New York State could take a significant step and enact policies that severely limit ICE’s ability to come into these court spaces.”

Watch the full interview here.