News 12 Bronx: Argument against stop-and-frisk picking up steam

MELROSE – The attorneys who sponsored a lawsuit against the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy are supporting their claims today after a federal judge ruled the program must come to an end in certain buildings.
The attorneys are representing 13 Bronx residents involved in the case against the NYPD, specifically the department’s Clean Halls campaign. They insist that people are targeted unnecessarily in buildings across the borough.
Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has defended the policy, saying the judge’s decision interferes with officers’ efforts to keep the city safe. Many tenants also say that they appreciate their intent, but that some people are unfairly stopped.
The lawyers will request supervision of stop-and-frisk officers, as well as additional training.
The ruling was only a partial decision, however. A full trial starts in March on numerous stop-and-frisk cases.