Watch Robin Steinberg’s Keynote Speech from Yale Law School’s 2014 RebLaw Conference

“We need to intervene more deeply, involve ourselves more broadly, and understand the lives of our clients more fully. We need to fight on behalf of individuals but we need to also mobilize communities to be warriors in the broader struggle of social and racial justice.”

Bronx Defenders Executive Director Robin Steinberg gave an inspiring keynote speech at Yale Law School’s 2014 RebLaw conference this past February. The conference, which is grounded in the spirit of Gerald Lopez’s Rebellious Lawyering, aims to build a community of law students, practitioners, and activists who are striving to work in the service of social change movements and to challenge hierarchies of race, wealth, gender, and expertise within legal practice and education.

To watch the video of the speech, which is now posted online, click here.