The Riverdale Press: Council funds help for immigrants

“The city council says it will earmark $28.4 million toward immigration services — funds that will help provide free legal services navigating the citizenship application process, among other services.

The funding comes on the heels of the Trump administration’s attempts to raise citizenship application fees from $640 to $1,160 — an increase intended to go into effect Oct. 2, but blocked by a federal judge.

Some $3.25 million is directed toward legal services, while additional funding includes $16.6 million for the New York Immigrant Family Unity Project, which provides free legal representation to select detained immigrants facing deportation. The group includes a number of other organization, including the Bronx Defenders, who have represented immigrants since 2014.

Another $4 million is intended to fund legal representation for unaccompanied children separated from their families who are facing immigration proceedings.”

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