The Intercept: ICE Evades Sanctuary Rules by Using NYPD Fingerprints to Find Immigrants and Send Them Call-in Letters

Sarah Deri Oshiro, Managing Director of the Immigration Practice, and immigration attorney Lauren Migliaccio speak with The Intercept on ICE’s recent adoption of call-in letters as a way to trap immigrants. We have witnessed firsthand how ICE is further exploiting the deep fear felt in immigrant communities by sending letters to people after they have had interaction with the NYPD, directing them to the immigration agency’s office. For two of our clients, heartbreaking consequences were triggered by this new practice, as they were detained and placed into deportation proceedings.

Lauren describes meeting with her client: “She is traumatized, and it’s very evident that she’s been so profoundly shaken by this. She walked into the room we were meeting in and burst into tears.”

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