The City: NYPD Stalls On Sharing Property Seizure Stats Required By City Law

Marventz Sulfradin didn’t know his date had a gun until police began pulling them over after they bought chicken nuggets and fries from a Brooklyn McDonald’s drive-thru in November.

When the cops flashed their lights, the date, who was driving, pulled the firearm from his jacket, plopped it in Sulfradin’s lap and told him to hide it.

“I started freaking out when I knew there was a gun in the car,” said Sulfradin, who reflexively tossed the weapon onto the passenger’s side floorboard.

Police, who’d pulled over the car for tinted windows, found the weapon inside Sulfradin’s red 2019 Honda Accord Sport. They arrested both men, who had met a day earlier on the online dating app Grindr, and seized Sulfradin’s car and iPhone.

That marked the beginning of what Sufradin calls a “nightmare,” involving months of efforts, still ongoing, to retrieve his property.

“That was my first time getting arrested, first time being in jail,” said Sulfradin, who’s 23, lives in Toronto and occasionally visits his grandmother in Brooklyn. “I’m still scared of the cops.”

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