The City: Big Influx of 17-Year-Olds Poses Next ‘Raise The Age’ Test

“Now courts are bracing for a large number of teens, as even more 17-year-olds than 16-year-olds funnel into State Supreme Courts’ new Youth Part for initial hearings on felony charges as well as Family Court, beginning Oct. 1.

“My fear is that once they double the number of people… we are going to see even longer arrest-to-arraignment times. And that’s a real issue,” said Alice Fontier, head of criminal defense practice for The Bronx Defenders.

Growing pains are rife in some courts, with 16-year-olds “perp-walked” through courthouse doors because no space has been set aside to hold them. Some kids experience long waits between arrests and arraignments, and don’t get an opportunity to speak privately with their lawyers.”

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