New York Law Journal: NY Policymakers Don’t Hold the NYPD Accountable

“New York policymakers have failed to hold the NYPD accountable for its numerous transgressions, despite the many horrific instances of police misconduct that have made local and national headlines for years. Even in cases where officers have repeatedly engaged in misconduct, and even while district attorneys keep lists of “bad cops” whose credibility is questionable, there have been nothing but inaction.

Despite taking important steps forward in reforming our criminal legal system, lawmakers have thus far failed during this legislative session to deliver changes that would hold accountable police forces in the state, and specifically the NYPD. Provisions that would substantially improve the transparency of the NYPD, such as the repeal of the “Section 50a” law that shields officer misconduct records from public disclosure, have stalled in Albany. This and other provisions can jump-start an era of police transparency and accountability.”

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