Le Nouvel Observateur: Dans L’enfer de Rikers Island

“Several were younger than me, I can’t imagine myself in their places. These youths are completely dehumanized, they are called ‘bing monsters.’ It’s terrible to see that it is considered normal to brutalize youths this young.” – Skylar Albertson, Assistant to the Director, The Bronx Defenders

“We have paid bail for 140 people, who were then able to be released from jail … The prosecutors then can’t put physical pressure on the defendants once they are released. Very often, prosecutors are forced to acknowledge that they don’t have sufficient evidence and drop the charges.” – Alyssa Work, Project Director, The Bronx Freedom Fund

French journalist Philippe Boulet-Gercourt of La Nouvel Observateur recently interviewed The Bronx Defenders’ Skylar Albertson, Assistant to the Director, and Alyssa Work, Project Director of The Bronx Freedom Fund, in a feature story about Rikers Island and the experience of youths who are incarcerated there.

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