Law360: New York’s About-Face On Bail Reform Wins Few Fans

“The deal that passed the Senate on Thursday night and the Assembly on Friday morning makes crimes like second-degree burglary, promoting child pornography, vehicular manslaughter and several others bail-eligible once again.

In a statement Friday, a coalition of New York City public defender groups that includes the Bronx Defenders, The Legal Aid Society and Brooklyn Defender Services blasted the rollback, noting it would increase incarceration at a time when officials across the country are raising alarms about the risks of COVID-19 spreading unchecked in jails and prisons.

“These are not small tweaks; they have bludgeoned reform just as it was taking root,” the coalition said. “Betraying the gains that New Yorkers fought many years to secure, lawmakers are sadly bowing to a cynical and baseless fear-mongering campaign.”

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