Genia Blaser Testifies at New York City Council’s Committee on Immigration Hearing

“Every day, advocates at our office witness firsthand how the promise of due process held out by the 5th Amendment is unrealized by our non-citizen clients solely because of immigration status.  Whenever ICE has lodged a detainer against a non-citizen client and the client’s criminal case carries potential immigration consequences, that client is unable to access the same Due Process rights as a US citizen client would, regardless of the seriousness of the charge he is facing.”

Earlier today, Bronx Defenders Immigration Attorney Genia Blaser presented written and oral testimony at New York City Council’s Committee on Immigration Hearing regarding the devastating and unjust impact that current NYPD, Department of Corrections (DOC), and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) policies are having on non-citizen New Yorkers, their families, and their communities. The testimony also expressed The Bronx Defenders’ support for the City Council’s proposed bills which would further limit the collaboration between the NYPD and the DOC and ICE, allowing for New Yorkers – regardless of their immigration status – to choose to fight their criminal cases or to accept plea bargains without having to risk entering ICE custody.

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To read the complete written testimony click here.