Fox 40: Fact Check: Bloomberg leaves out key parts of his history on stop and frisk policy

Jenn Rolnick Borchetta, another opponent of stop and frisk, said that internal police shifts were not convincing evidence Bloomberg had truly had an epiphany, especially given that he kept fighting Scheindlin’s ruling and impeding efforts at policy reform. (Some of Bloomberg’s criticism of Scheindlin was validated by an appeals court that removed her from the case, saying she had run “afoul” of the code of conduct for judges. De Blasio dropped the appeal in 2014, letting her ruling stand.)

Borchetta argued that the reason the number of stops declined in 2012 and 2013 was police officers “deciding not to do these encounters” because of the public outcry, not anything Bloomberg did.

His moves in 2012 “are more consistent with him trying to quell public outcry and undermine the lawsuits so he could ultimately have officers continue with the stop and frisk practice in sum and substance the same way as before,” said Borchetta, another lawyer in the lawsuit and managing director of impact litigation at the public defender nonprofit The Bronx Defenders.

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