Davis Vanguard: Bronx Defenders Wonder If There Will Be Real Action after Report on NYPD Violence and Misconduct during George Floyd Protests

“It has taken months for the city to acknowledge what was clear to anyone paying attention this summer: the NYPD’s handling of the protests amounted to an unconscionable, calculated, and violent attack on the entire city. The report lays out a clear picture of a police department that does not see itself as accountable to the communities it is meant to serve, and a Mayor that is unwilling and incapable,” said Justine Olderman, Executive Director of the Bronx Defenders.

In her statement, Olderman also charged police misconduct was “across the board,” meaning the police weren’t interested in the quality of arrests, but the quantity.

She noted that while the report recognized the injustice, “the NYPD made a deliberate decision to target the predominantly Black and brown protestors in the South Bronx on the night of June 4th with a higher level of violence than in other boroughs.

“In response to the protests against police brutality, the NYPD did not seek to prevent violence. It was the violence,” Olderman continued.”

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