ConnectRadio.FM: Blacks comprise nearly half of all NYC arrests despite reforms: NYPD data

“While the good news is that if arrests are down by roughly half in New York, then that means that only half as many African Americans are being arrested as well as for other racial groups, too.”But Ann Mathews of The Bronx Defenders said that while she welcomes police reform efforts, “what is clear is what they haven’t brought to date is unbiased policing.”Mathews said piecemeal changes police have instituted usually when there is a crisis or when political pressure forces revisions are akin to “a Band-Aid approach” that doesn’t begin to address the cancer of systemic racism.“If the whole body is ailing you can stick as many Band-Aids on it as you want and they may do some good,” she said, “but they’re not going to cure the whole body.”

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