Bronx Defenders advocates present at National Association of Social Workers conference

Three Bronx Defenders advocates — Social Worker Sarah Knight, Parent Advocate Keston Jones, and Civil Legal Advocate Maria Monica Andia — will be presenting at the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), New York City Chapter conference “Social Work in the City: Dreams and Realities of Life in New York” on April 8, 2015.

The conference aims include providing opportunities to enhance the capacity of social workers to serve the residents of New York City through relevant and important educational offerings and addressing through a social justice and racial equity lens the trends and policies that are shaping social work and impacting clients and communities.

The Bronx Defenders advocates presenting in this conference are taking part in two different workshop discussions:

Keston Jones will present in the “Focus on Fathers: Misconceptions about African American and Minority Fathers” workshop, which will examine the prevailing stereotypical myths about African American and minority fathers; the stages of grief that fathers go through when separated from their children; and the importance of developing new and effective strategies designed to promote positive paternal engagement. The presentation will draw from The Bronx Defenders’ Focus on Fathers Project.

Sarah Knight and Maria Monica Andia will present in the “Criminalization of Immigrants: The Social Work Role in Removal Defense Proceedings” workshop, which will explore the growing number of deportations occurring in recent years, due in large part due to increased cooperation between local law enforcement agencies and Immigration and Customs Enforcement and to the increasing criminalization of immigrants. This workshop will present an overview of the relationship between the Criminal Justice and Immigration systems and the consequences of this relationship for communities.

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