Blavity: Judge Orders Release Of 26-Year-Old Gambian Immigrant Detained At ICE Facility For 3 Years

“A federal judge ordered ICE officials at a jail in New Jersey on Monday to release Ousman Darboe, a 26-year-old undocumented immigrant from Gambia who has been detained for more than three years, according to his lawyers at The Bronx Defenders.

Darboe, a Black Muslim, was pardoned by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in February but has been forced to fight for his release in court for months.

…His lawyer from The Bronx Defenders, Sophia Gurulé, has not held back in her criticism of immigration and federal judges, who she accused of keeping him detained because he was Black and Muslim.

“[Ousman’s release] would not have been possible without the overwhelming community support that has rallied around Ousman and his family, and people collectively standing up against the anti-Blackness and Islamophobia inherent to our immigration system,” Gurulé said in a statement to Blavity.

“The fight for Ousman’s long-term freedom to stay with his family in the United States is far from over, but for now, he is coming back home where he belongs: in the Bronx with his wife, 2-year-old daughter, parents and siblings,” she added.”

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