ACLU: For Black Immigrants, Police and ICE Are Two Sides of the Same Coin

“We are setting up Black communities, and the Black immigrants who live in those communities like in the Bronx, to fail,” said Sophia Gurulé, Darboe’s attorney and a policy counsel at Bronx Defenders. “He was basically plagued by constant policing and criminalization since he was a teenager.”

Now, Darboe faces the prospect of deportation back to a country he barely knows, and where he could find himself ostracized from society.

“He’s been incarcerated for three years by ICE, and the last six months of that have been COVID. He’s now in solitary confinement for 16-18 hours a day — because everyone is — and his mental and physical health is truly deteriorating,” said Gurulé. (Precautions related to the pandemic have made conditions inside detention facilities even worse than usual, with long periods spent locked inside cells and restrictions on visits from lawyers and family.)”

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