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Every client who comes to The Bronx Defenders is connected to an interdisciplinary team of advocates, including criminal defense attorneys, family defense attorneys, civil attorneys, immigration attorneys, social workers, civil legal advocates, parent advocates, benefits specialists, investigators, and community organizers. Each of these teams fosters interdisciplinary skill sets, ensures compassionate and comprehensive representation, and supports a culture of innovative, zealous, and holistic advocacy.

At the heart of Holistic Defense, and embedded within the interdisciplinary team structure, is a commitment to client-centered representation, which defines a client not by his or her case but by the needs he or she identifies.

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Our Investigators work tirelessly on behalf of clients facing not only criminal charges but the full array of other civil legal issues. Investigators, working in both the office and in the community, comb the streets looking for evidence, canvassing for witnesses and helping clients in times of need. Investigators become involved with a client’s case from arraignment and serve as an instrumental part of the legal team all the way through trial.

Immigration Attorney

Our Immigration Attorneys work alongside criminal defense attorneys and other advocates to advise non-citizen clients of the draconian immigration consequences of contact with the criminal justice system. Our Immigration Attorneys fight for outcomes that avoid or mitigate the devastating effects criminal convictions have on the ability of residents and workers to remain in the country. They also represent clients in immigration court, fighting to keep them in the United States and together with their families even after their criminal case is closed.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys represent clients charged with crimes in Bronx Criminal and Supreme Courts from the first moments of their arraignment all the way to trial. Bringing a unique client-centered perspective to the criminal case from inception to outcome, our attorneys focus their work on serving a client’s interests above all. By representing a person, and not merely handling a case, Criminal Defense Attorneys at The Bronx Defenders strive to get better legal and life outcomes for clients.

Social Worker

Social Workers at The Bronx Defenders, all Master’s Level Graduates, are integral to the model of holistic defense. Strategizing with lawyers and other advocates, Social Workers assist clients with the underlying issues that led to their contact with the criminal justice and family court systems. Using a socio-ecological framework, Social Workers advocate for clients in and out of the courthouse by providing supportive counseling and helping guide clients through various legal and social service systems.

Community Intake Advocate

Community Intake Advocates serve as the primary representatives of our open-door practice for members of the community seeking legal assistance. Community Intake Advocates provide early intervention, assistance navigating legal systems and high-quality referrals for over a thousand community members a year.

Civil Attorney

Civil Attorneys advise clients on the collateral consequences of contact with the criminal system and represent clients in the array of civil legal forums with a focus on helping clients stabilize their lives. Whether it is a housing, public benefits, or employment matter, or a large-scale challenge to systemic injustice, Civil Attorneys at The Bronx Defenders fight to address client and community priorities.

Legal Advocate

Legal Advocates assist clients in a variety of ways. Whether it is fighting for justice in administrative hearings, compiling documentation in anticipation of litigation, or recovering seized property, legal advocates stand by clients to assist them in navigating complex and often overwhelming systems.

Parent Advocate

Parent Advocates assist and support parents who have open Family Court cases and are at risk of having, or who have had, their children removed and placed into foster care. They provide a strong voice for parents, and advocate for clients with the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) and other social service agencies.

Team Administrator

Team Administrators, responsible for maintaining and updating thousands of client files and legal correspondence, are central to holistic client representation as they help keep team advocates organized and running smoothly as a cohesive unit.

Policy and Community Organizer

Policy and Community Organizers expand the advocacy of The Bronx Defenders through outreach and legislative advocacy on the vital issues faced by our clients. Coordinating with clients, civil leaders and local and national organizations, Policy and Community Organizers ensure that holistic defense is both client-based and community-based.

Family Defense Attorney

Family Defense Attorneys represent parents accused of neglect and abuse charges in Bronx Family Court. Fighting against a system that is unfairly stacked against the poor and disparately targets people of color, Family Defense Attorneys defend their clients against allegations in court, fight to have children stay with their parents, and keep families together in their homes.


Clients are at the center of our holistic practice, working alongside team members to ensure that their specific priorities and needs are being addressed seamlessly. Clients are advised and assisted on their varying legal and social issues by their advocates, but they are ultimately empowered to make the critical decisions that affect their lives and future themselves.

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