The Bronx Defenders welcomes its 2017 summer interns!

We are very excited to welcome our 2017 summer interns! The Bronx Defenders internship program gives students the opportunity to experience and learn client-centered, holistic advocacy through hands-on work with our interdisciplinary advocates. This summer BxD is hosting a total of 84 interns, including 61 law school students from 23 different schools who will undergo comprehensive, interdisciplinary training and learn from attorneys in our Family Defense, Criminal Defense, Immigration, Civil Action, and Impact Litigation practices. We are also hosting 23 college interns who will learn from our Investigators, Policy & Community Organizing team, Parent Advocates, and Civil Legal Advocates.

Our legal interns this summer include:

Paulina Arnold, Harvard Law School
Sherry Ashkins, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
Sarah Attridge, CUNY Law School
Kyle Barron, NYU School of Law
Charlotte Berschback, Georgetown Law
Gregg Butler, CUNY Law School
Shinequa Charles, George Washington
Jessica Crandall, NYU School of Law
Schuyler Daum, Harvard Law School
Roisin Duffy-Gideon, University of Chicago Law School
Eliana Eitches, Georgetown Law
Zoe Engberg, NYU School of Law
Norma Esquivel, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
Megan Jungsun Lee, Harvard Law School
Ester Garcia, University of Washington School of Law
Arash Ghiassi, Yale Law School
D’Laney Gielow, Yale Law School
Candace Graff, UC Berkeley School of Law
Emily Graham, Harvard Law School
Jellisa Grant, CUNY Law School
Jorge Guerreiro, UCLA School of Law
Ilana Herr, NYU School of Law
Joshua Horton, University of Mississippi School of Law
Julie Hutchinson, Yale Law School
Sai Iyer, NYU School of Law
Amit Jain, Yale Law School
Courtney Kan, NYU School of Law
Yaniv Kot, Georgetown Law
Kyla Kuvach, CUNY Law School
Miyoshie Lamothe-Aime, Fordham University School of Law
Grace Li, NYU School of Law
Brent Low, NYU School of Law
Melissa Marichal, Yale Law School
Gina Marie Papera-Ewing, UCLA School of Law
Blair Mason, Duke University School of Law
Ryan Mendias, NYU School of Law
Maya Menlo, Yale Law School
Joseph Meyers, Yale Law School
Isabella Nascimento, University of Chicago Law School
Liza Parisky, UCLA School of Law
Ismael Peguero, CUNY Law School
Roberto Perez, Penn State Law
Imani Phillips, Columbia Law School
Eric Pilch, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
Falon Rainer, NYU School of Law
Melanie Robinson, Temple University Beasley School of Law
Christopher Sailer, University of Texas School of Law
Aubree Sanders, John Marshall Law School
Edith Sangueza, Harvard Law School
Max Schoening, Stanford Law School
Claire Stottlemeyer, CUNY Law School
Nancy Tang, Yale Law School
Karina Tefft, CUNY Law School
Lauren Toole, University of North Carolina School of Law
Izabelle Tully, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
Natalie Tupta, Dusquene University School of Law
Alex Valdez, Columbia Law School
Frances Weil, University of Pennsylvania Law School
Dorothy Weldon, Columbia Law School
Natalie Winters, UC Berkeley School of Law

Our college interns include:

Aasiyah Ali, Bard College
Rayan Alsemeiry, Yale University
Antonia Burdick, Hamilton College
Rebecca Ellis, Brown University
Grace Engelman, Brown University
Stephen Galloway, Mercer University
Oliver Goldberg-Lewis, Amherst College
Camila Guiza-Chavez, Yale University
Blessing Jee, Harvard University
Nicholas Lee, Vassar College
Alexandra Leone, Yale University
Amanda McCullough, Pomona College
Eliza Miedel, New York University
Nick Migliori, Brown University
Rafael Monroy-Rojas, City College of New York
Anna-Alexia Novogratz, Princeton University
Nathan Poland, Princeton University
Henry Prine, Wesleyan University
Priyanka Radhaskrishnan, University of Edinburgh
Alondra Reyes, Mount Holyoke
Emily Rice, Yale University
Ruth Rizkalla, New York University
Gabe Zimmerman, Brown University

Here’s to a great summer!