The Bronx Defenders Response to its union’s October 20 Statement


“The Bronx Defenders (‘BxD’) is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization whose central mission is to provide client-centered, holistic representation to low-income people in the Bronx. BxD helps approximately 20,000 Bronx residents a year navigate criminal, family, civil, and immigration legal proceedings.

“The organization has decided to issue this statement in light of the statement issued on October 20, 2023, by the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys-UAW Local 2325 (the ‘union’), which represents BxD’s non-supervisory staff.

“Although the union calls itself ‘The Bronx Defenders Union,’ it is an entirely separate entity from BxD. The Bronx Defenders did not approve the union’s statement and played no part in the drafting or publication of the union’s statement. 

“We agree with the American Bar Association’s (‘ABA’) statement which has called on the legal community ‘to recognize the humanity of both Palestinians and Israelis when commenting on the crisis.’ The union’s statement did not do so and is not consistent with our values or mission. 

We condemn antisemitism, anti-Palestinian racism, Islamophobia and all forms of discrimination and bigotry.

“BxD remains focused on creating an inclusive workplace and supporting all members of the BxD community in pursuit of its core mission to defend the rights of low-income people in the Bronx.”