The Bronx Defenders Meets with Chinese Delegates to Discuss Holistic Defense

Bronx Defenders Civil Action Practice Attorney Karen Maxim spoke with a delegation of Chinese law professors and research scholars on Tuesday, April 22nd, as part of a presentation on pretrial services in the Bronx. Karen spoke about the importance of early advocacy to Holistic Defense and also discussed some the of The Bronx Defenders’ recent projects in this area – the Checklist Project and The Bronx Freedom Fund.

Developed in 2010, the Checklist Project sought to provide Bronx Defenders attorneys with a tool for spotting potential collateral consequences and enmeshed penalties of criminal justice involvement at their initial meetings with clients. The project culminated in The Bronx Defenders Arraignment Checklist, which helps attorneys make timely referrals to advocates on their interdisciplinary teams in order to minimize the impact of potential enmeshed penalties such as loss of employment, loss of child custody, eviction, and deportation.


The Bronx Freedom Fund is a charitable revolving bail fund that posts bail for Bronx Defenders clients who would otherwise be unable to pay bail in amounts of $2,000 or less. The Freedom Fund empowers clients by enabling them to fight their cases while at home, thus avoiding the devastating consequences that even short-term incarceration can bring about. Each time a client shows up for all of his or her court appearances, the money posted for bail returns to The Freedom Fund for use on behalf of more clients. To donate to The Bronx Freedom Fund, click here.