Rise Magazine: To Speak or Not to Speak

Brenda Zubay and Lisa Beneventano, Social Workers in The Bronx Defenders Family Defense Practice, were interviewed in the Fall 2013 issue of Rise Magazine. In the article, they discuss the benefits and dangers of revealing past trauma in court, and explain the importance of parents taking control of their story before the court takes control of it.

Key excerpts:

Brenda Zubay: “As social workers, we understand that healing is a process and that human beings are complicated…courts should understand that trauma is healed in the context of a relationship.”

Lisa Beneventano: “The courts also need to understand how trauma is about the loss of power and control.  Instead of making parents feel more powerless, the courts should include parents as much as possible in decision-making about themselves and their families.”

Read full article here: Rise – To Speak or Not to Speak – Fall 2013