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The Robert P. Patterson Jr. Mentoring Program

The Robert P. Patterson Jr. Mentoring Program

The Robert P. Patterson Jr. Mentoring Program at The Bronx Defenders is designed to serve young people in the South Bronx, ages 14 through 18. Through our holistic mentoring model, we aim to expand each young person’s support system while strengthening their positive social network through educational and emotional support, community engagement, and exposure to new and exciting experiences.

The program was developed in close collaboration with young people from various backgrounds in the South Bronx, whom we call “Youth Ambassadors”. With the input and support of our Youth Ambassadors, we have carefully crafted a program tailored to the needs of the community, as determined by the community.

Our holistic mentoring model equips each young person with:

  • A professional mentor from the legal profession
  • A community mentor from the Bronx community
  • Social work services
  • Engagement of a caregiver

Offerings and activities include but are not limited to:

  • Individual mentoring sessions and activities
  • Group sessions and activities
  • Community engagement projects
  • Restorative justice circles
  • Academic support sessions
  • Professional and recreational field trips
  • Social justice and community organizing initiatives
  • Career and college readiness workshops
A Note on Judge Patterson Jr:

The Robert P. Patterson Jr. Program was developed to honor the life and memory of Judge Robert P. Patterson, Jr., who believed that lawyers have an instrumental role to play in mentoring youth in low-income communities. In the spirit of Judge Patterson Jr. and his work, our program is dedicated to cultivating community ties, supporting youth and their families, and increasing positive and empowering interactions with the law.


The Robert P. Patterson Jr. Mentoring Program is not currently accepting additional applications for official mentors nor mentees. However, if you are interested in additional information, or, if you are interested in supporting our work by conducting youth workshops or donating resources, please contact us at RPPMentoring@bronxdefenders.org.