Pass the (Right) Right To Know Act

“The questions confronting the Committee and Council are simple: Should civilians be informed of their right to privacy when there is no legal basis to search them? And should civilians who have routine interactions with the police, whether pulled over while driving or questioned as victims or witnesses, be entitled to know who they are interacting with? For anyone committed to respecting civilians or improving police/community relations, the answers are obvious.”

In a HuffPost op-ed, Craig Levine, Director of Policy Reform at The Bronx Defenders describes why it is crucial that the New York City Council withdraw or vote against the counterproductive Intro 182, which fails to provide protections and reforms for New Yorkers against police abuses. Along with public defenders across New York City, Levine urges the Council to support police transparency and accountability by voting for the coalition-supported Intro 541.

Read the full op-ed here.