Journeys towards Justice: Let’s make this a movement: Holistic Advocacy”

The Center for Holistic Defense, a project of The Bronx Defenders, is mentioned in the blog “Justice for all”. In the post “Let’s make this a movement: Holistic Advocacy”, blog writer Akhila Kolisetty draws from The Bronx Defenders’  new model of public defense—Holistic Defense. The blog describes the “importance and necessity of holistic advocacy, and [points out the] the unfortunate rarity of the practice.”

Kolisetty writes:
“As advocates and activists, we should be working towards social justice…
We don’t need the piecemeal legal and social service model that currently exists in much of the U.S. and the world.
We need something better.
We need to begin understanding the needs of a community as a whole…
[We need] a worldwide paradigm shift.
Let’s make [Holistic Defense] a movement.”

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Additionally, Robin Steinberg is quoted in an older post from July 2010: The need for “holistic advocacy”. The post describes how The Bronx Defenders defines the concept of Holistic Defense.

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By Akhila Kolisetty