Jewish Council for Public Affairs: Criminal Justice Reform NY Conference: End Mass Incarceration

On September 15, 2019, the JCPA Criminal Justice Reform NY Conference convened 225+ people from the diverse Jewish community. The conference sought to engage in a meaningful way to end today’s modern civil rights crisis of mass incarceration. The conference was sponsored by Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA), UJA-Federation of New York and JCRC of New York and co-sponsored by 35 organizations.

Justice in America is too often delayed or denied. Courts dockets are overloaded, the public defender system is underfunded, and racial disparities permeate the system. The inadequacy of the current system results too often in justice delayed and denied, as when the outcomes of criminal justice proceeding hinge arbitrarily on a defendant’s finances. This workshop is about sentencing and prison reform efforts in New York and ways that the Jewish community can join in the campaign.

Moderator: Hanna Dershowitz, Aleph Institute

Speakers: Justine Olderman, Bronx Defenders; Vidal Guzman, Just Leadership; Jason Starr

Watch the full video here