Into the Gloss: The Bronx Defenders

Beauty allows us to shape our individual stories and find ways to connect to others all at once. With The Top Shelf we discover personal narratives through beauty routines. In The Beauty Politic, Into The Gloss explores how beauty connects communities, and how it informs a sense of self for the people within them. Beauty can be used as a tool not just for self-expression, but for empowerment and preservation as well.

First up are the women of The Bronx Defenders. Through their stations as legal counselors, policy advocates, and social workers, these five women represent a staff of 400 who work to support New York’s most vulnerable residents as they navigate the criminal justice system. The nonprofit helps people netted in court cases that range from child welfare to immigration. It’s harrowing work, but work that requires a dutiful beauty routine nonetheless. They’ll explain.”

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