Emma Ketteringham to join panel at Cardozo “Policing, Conflict, and Change” conference

Bronx Defenders Managing Director of the Family Defense Practice Emma Ketteringham will be presenting on a panel at Cardozo School of Law’s “Policing, Conflict, and Change” Conference next Thursday, March 12, 2015.

The conference will be an all-day event with four panel discussions surrounding the state of policing today, the development of Fourth Amendment jurisprudence, the consequences of over-policing, and potential avenues for reform. The keynote address will be given by John L. Burris.

Emma will join fellow panelists for the “Women, Families, and the Consequences of Over-Policing” panel discussion, moderated by Professor Alexander Reinert. The panel will look at how women are often excluded from the discussion of policing, despite the fact that the criminal justice system affects women directly, as people who are policed and incarcerated, and indirectly, as family members of those who are policed and incarcerated. Do interactions with police change as a result of gender and family status? What are the consequences of over-policing on women, families, and broader communities?

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