CUNY TV: Why Bronx Defenders founder Robin Steinberg became a public defender

Robin G. Steinberg, executive director of The Bronx Defenders, discusses her reasons for deciding early on in her legal career, to represent the poor, people of color, the under-served. The Bronx Defenders, an organization of 190 lawyers, social workers and advocates, is committed to “providing inclusive and extensive services” to Bronx residents charged with crimes. Robin Steinberg and host, Sheryl McCarthy discuss the organization’s resource center, making available “holistic defense,” bringing together teams of professionals: attorneys, social workers, advocates on behalf of low-income clients.

Guest List:
Sheryl McCarthy Newsday
Robin G. Steinberg Executive Director, The Bronx Defenders

Original tape date: April 8, 2013.

First aired: April 22, 2013.