BXD In Conversation: Four Talks this Fall


Despite representing 20,000 clients every year in criminal, civil, family, and immigration courts, we still find time to participate in discussions to educate the public about the issues most impacting the people we serve. This month, Wesley Caines (Chief of Staff), Aimee Carlisle (Senior Attorney), Sophia Gurulé (Immigration Policy Counsel), and Julia Solomons (Senior Policy Social Worker), joined District Attorneys, state lawmakers, law professors, and fellow public defenders to discuss the interplay between public defense, social work, and advocacy.

Listen and Watch:

  • Aimee Carlisle joined the keynote panel on Gun Rights and Regulation After Bruen, hosted by the Duke Center for Firearms Law in coordination with the New York University Law Review. (Sept 23)
  • Sophia Gurulé joined a panel on Abolition & Public Defense: Can They Coexist?, hosted by New York University School of Law. (Oct 19)
  • Wesley Caines joined a panel on Halfway to History: Progress and Challenges in Closing Rikers Island, hosted The Independent Commission On New York City Criminal Justice And Incarceration Reform, John Jay College and the Data Collaborative for Justice. (Oct 26)
  • Julia Solomons joined a panel on Understanding Alternatives to Incarceration, hosted by the CUNY Graduate Center. (Nov 17)