The Bronx Defenders welcomes our 2014 summer interns!

We are very excited to welcome our summer 2014 interns today! Over the course of the next 10 weeks, 52 law school students and 15 college students from over 25 different schools will work together with attorneys and advocates in our Family Defense Practice, Criminal Defense Practice, Civil Action Practice, Immigration Practice, Policy & Community Organizing Team, Community Intake Team, and Solitary Confinement Project.

The Bronx Defenders internship program is heralded as one of the top models in the country. With a strong belief in giving students the opportunity to experience and learn client-centered, holistic advocacy, we provide our interns with much of the same intensive training that our attorneys receive in holistic defense and trial skills.

Intern Bfast_May 2014

Our legal interns this summer include:

Emmanuel Arnaud, Cornell Law School
Anna Arons, Yale Law School
Elise Bernlohr, Cardozo Law School
Johanathan Brooks, George Washington University Law School
Annie Carney, NYU School of Law
Matthew Carroll, University of Virginia School of Law
Rebecca Chapman, Harvard Law School
Michelle Cho, Yale Law School
Victoria Clark, Seattle University School of Law
Conchita Cruz, Yale Law School
Shalisa Cumberbatch, Brooklyn Law School
Patrick Downey, Michigan State University College of Law
Morgan Everhart, Harvard Law School
Blake Feldman, University of Georgia School of Law
Caitlin Flood, NYU School of Law
Daniel Hamburg, Columbia Law School
Whitney Hayes, Columbia Law School
Rena Karefa-Johnson, Harvard Law School
Anna Kastner, University of California Berkeley Law School
Mairead Kennelly, Fordham University School of Law
Katie Kinsey, The University of Texas School of Law
Danielle Krumholz, University of Michigan Law School
Andres Kwon, University of California Los Angeles Law School
Mattie Liskow, NYU School of Law
Cass Luskin, Harvard Law School
Nicholas Manningham, Brooklyn Law School
Elli Marcus, University of Pennsylvania Law School
Erica Mason, CUNY Law School
Claire Mauksch, Georgetown University Law Center
Daniel McHugh, The University Of Mississippi School of Law
Hannah Mercuris, NYU School of Law
Naomi Oberman-Breindel, NYU School of Law
Shaun Ossei-Owusu, University of California Berkeley Law School
Neeta Pal, University of California Berkeley Law School
Lauren Price, Brooklyn Law School
Shakeer Rahman, Harvard Law School
Alicia Sanchez Ramirez, Yale Law School
Stephany Reaves, Stanford Law School
Arielle Reid, NYU School of Law
Hannah Robbins, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
Hannah Rosenthal, Harvard Law School
Olivia Scheck, NYU School of Law
Jacob Schneider,  NYU School of Law
Nabila Taj, CUNY Law School
Shira Tevah, University of California Berkeley Law School
Christine Tian, Harvard Law School
Jennifer Vail, CUNY Law School
Asher Waite-Jones, University of California Berkeley Law School
Perisha Wallace, Emory University School of Law
Molly Webster, Fordham University School of Law
Lindsey Whyte, Harvard Law School
Elvia Zepeda, Tulane Law School

Our college interns include:

Jett Bachman, Pomona College
Nicholle Lamartina, Yale College
Ezra Louis, Georgetown University
Brianna Noonan, Colgate University
Michelle Zhang, Yale College
Alma Aquino, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Maya Binyam, Yale College
Joy Chen, Yale College
Nearlyse Dandas, SUNY
Cristina De La Rosa, Barnard College
Julian Noisecat, Columbia University
Dante O’Connell, Brown University
Isadora Ruyter-Harcourt, Barnard College
Lilly Jay, Amherst College
Vincent Palmieri, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Here’s to a great summer!