Annual Celebration of Families

Join us Friday, June 22nd for our Annual Celebration of Families!

The American Bar Association designated June as National Reunification Month to celebrate the accomplishments of parents in getting their children home. To commemorate this special month and the importance it holds for our clients who are parents, The Bronx Defenders hosts an Annual Celebration of Families event each June.

Celebration of Families is an event to celebrate families who have recently reunified or are about to be reunified. Families enjoy a meal together, play games, celebrate their successes, and go home with a framed family portrait. What we thought would be a little party turned out to be an incredibly powerful moment for our clients to step back from their legal cases and reflect on how far they’ve traveled for their children. This is a celebration for our clients in recognition of all they have accomplished to bring their children home.

We hope that you will consider partnering with us to celebrate National Reunification Month and supporting our work to keep Bronx families together. To donate online, click here

If you have any questions or are interested in supporting the Annual Celebration of Families event, please contact Caitlin at