Annual Celebration of Families | June 13, 2014

On June 13, 2014, The Bronx Defenders will host our Fourth Annual Celebration of Families, honoring our clients who have reunited with their children after being separated by foster care. In the spirit of National Reunification Month, a time designated by the American Bar Association to reflect upon the innumerable value of reunifying fragmented families, the Celebration of Families is our tribute to our clients.

During the event, our clients—the parents—will be invited to share a word with members of their community about the battles they’ve been through. In partnership with B.E.A.T. NYC, the children who have just come home from foster care will learn to express themselves through beatboxing and rhyming—and a brave few will perform their impromptu reflections on what ‘family’ means to them for our large audience. Other games and activities, including a raffle stocked with all donated goods, will be included throughout the event to make the evening as vibrant and celebratory as possible.

Advocates from The Bronx Defenders, year after year, feel galvanized by this evening, as it is a powerful time to reflect upon our clients’ triumph through scrutiny by the child welfare system. We see our clients through many battles but so rarely have the opportunity to celebrate it all being behind us, or to fully recognize the strength of our clients’ journey through a discouraging child welfare system. This event is an annual favorite, and we can’t wait!

The success of the event each year has depended on community support and donations, including donated food from local restaurants for the dinner, home-baked food and dessert donated by our staff, and donated in-kind goods to stock the raffle prizes and provide fun arts and crafts activities throughout the evening.

Show your support for this event, our clients, and their families by visiting our donation page here.

For any other questions about the event or donating, please contact Caitlin Becker at