The Bronx Defenders welcomes our 2013 summer interns

The Bronx Defenders is proud to announce the start of our 2013 summer interns. After a highly competitive selection process, our interns arrived at our offices with a diverse array of experiences and backgrounds.  Through the summer, both our legal and non-legal interns will receive intensive training in Holistic Defense, working alongside our Criminal, Family, and Civil Attorneys, as well as our Social Workers, Policy and Community Organizers and Community Intake team.  Here’s to the start of a great summer!


Our legal interns represent law schools from across the city and country, ranging from California to Michigan, and New Orleans to Boston.

Abena Adjin-Doku,  Fordham Law School

Peter Borenstein, Loyola Law School

Ryan Brewer, Cardozo Law School

John Briggs, CUNY Law School

Christopher Britten, Harvard Law School

Devin Conway, Boston University School of Law

Clais Daniels-Edwards, Seton Hall Law School

Luke Fredericks, NYU School of Law

Corina Garcia, American University School of Law

Amanda Gayle, New York Law School

Blake Gifford, Tulane Law School

Sara Ginsburg, University of Michigan Law School

Michael Gluck, Cardozo Law School

Robyn Gordon, Tulane Law School

Joseph Gracely, NYU School of Law

Betsy Henthorne, Georgetown University Law Center

Joseph K. James, Brooklyn Law School

Molly Kammien, Brooklyn Law School

So Kang, NYU School of Law

Hannah Kaplan, CUNY Law School

Daniel Kay, Vanderbilt Law School

Judah Lakin, University of California Berkeley Law School

Cristina Laramee, Cornell University Law School

Melissa Lee, Brooklyn Law School

Lindsay Long-Waldor, NYU School of Law

Malika Lubell-Doughtie, NYU School of Law

Alexa Mayfield, University of San Francisco School of Law

Asia-Sierra Millette, Roger Williams University School of Law

William Moine, University of Pennsylvania Law School

Renagh O’Leary, Yale Law School

Justine Palacios, Tulane Law School

Erin Robinson, Washington University School of Law

Jesse Rockoff, NYU School of Law

Luis Savalza, NYU School of Law

Sarah Shubert, University of Michigan Law School

Tim Sprague, NYU School of Law

Kara Wallis, CUNY Law School

Lisa Waters, Georgetown University Law Center

Jennifer Williams, Stanford University Law School

Christian Yost, Harvard Law School

Aaron Zagory, University of California Berkeley Law School

Pezhmon Zaiim, George Washington University Law School

Therea Zhen, University of California Los Angeles Law School