Dinah Ortiz-Adames

Dinah is the Parent Advocate Supervisor with the Family Defense Practice at The Bronx Defenders. For over seven years, she has been advocating for vulnerable women, specifically women of color in a variety of contexts from substance use to incarceration. Dinah has appeared on dozens of panels nationwide to discuss harm reduction strategies and the unique challenges facing parents involved with the child welfare system who happen to use illicit substances. Served as a member of several not-for-profit organizations focusing on educating doctors, lawyers, and social workers — specifically those in the child welfare arena — with the necessary tools to better serve women and mothers battling addiction. She has spoken on “Families and Social Workers: What are we not doing?” at Columbia University, “Prejudice and Punishment, the Child Welfare Response to Mothers who Use Drugs” at Fordham University, “What About the Children?” at Drug Policy Reform conference, and “Police Violence Against Black Women/Women of Color” at Invisible No More. Dedicated to her clients and community, Dinah prides herself in ensuring her clients’ voices are always heard