BxD Attorneys and Social Workers present at the 4th National Parent Attorney Conference

On July 22-23, 2015, The Bronx Defenders’ Attorneys and Social Workers presented on three panels at the 4th National Parent Attorney Conference: Achieving Justice Against the Odds in Washington, DC.

Bronx Defenders presenting at the conference include Managing Director of the Family Defense Practice Emma Ketteringham, Family Defense Attorney Jessica Horan-Block, Family Defense Social Worker Caitlin Becker, and Family Defense Social Worker Jen Bronson.

They will be presenting on the following:

Presentation: Controversy in Suspected Child Abuse: New Thinking About A Foreboding Topic
Presenters: Emma Ketteringham and Jessica Horan-Block, The Bronx Defenders and Dr. Joseph Scheller, Baltimore, Maryland
This workshop, facilitated by two attorneys and a child neurologist, will provide participants with knowledge about the most up-to-date medical conditions that mimic medical findings presumed by the pediatric community to be diagnostic of child abuse as well as the nuts and bolts for how to approach a case of alleged non-accidental abuse where a parent has no alternative explanation

Presentation: Strengthening Families and Preventing Foster Care Placement through Upfront and Early Support, Service Provision and Litigation
Presenters: Trine Bech, Vermont Parent Representation Center, John Zalenski, Lauren Shapiro, Brooklyn Defender Services and Caitlin Becker, The Bronx Defenders
This workshop will present a practice model designed for use at the front end of the child welfare system, including strategies to engage vulnerable families, promote well-being and assure safety. The need for parent representation at the pre-filing and pre-assignment stages to prevent unnecessary removals and court contact will also be discussed. Finally, the workshop will explore individual and systemic advocacy efforts that can be undertaken to reduce emergency removals without court order and ensure that children are only placed in foster care when facing immediate harm.

Presentation: Pregnant Women with Kids in Care
Presenters: Emma Ketteringham and Jen Bronson, The Bronx Defenders
Pregnant women with children in foster care are vulnerable to having their newborns removed upon birth and placed into foster care. This interdisciplinary workshop, which includes a social worker and attorney, will discuss best practices for planning with and advocating for pregnant women who already have children in foster care.

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