We are public defenders.

Our Staff

  • Muriel Bell

    Muriel Bell

    Social Worker, FDP
  • Ashley Burrell

    Ashley Burrell

    Supervising Attorney, CDP
  • Samantha Cruz

    Samantha Cruz

    Social Worker, CDP
  • Mara Fleder

    Mara Fleder

    Supervising Attorney, FDP
  • Jellisa Grant,She/Her/Hers

    Jellisa Grant,She/Her/Hers

    Law Graduate, FDP
  • Babatunde Aremu, He/him/his

    Babatunde Aremu, He/him/his

    Attorney, CAP
  • Conrad Blackburn, He/Him/His

    Conrad Blackburn, He/Him/His

    Law Graduate, CDP
  • George Ocasio, He/him/his

    George Ocasio, He/him/his

    Attorney, FDP
  • Imani Waweru, He/him/his

    Imani Waweru, He/him/his

    Law Graduate, CDP
  • Jeremy Bennie, He/him/his

    Jeremy Bennie, He/him/his

    Law Graduate, CDP
  • Jonathan Howe, He/him/his

    Jonathan Howe, He/him/his

    Law Graduate, FDP
  • Jorge Guerreiro, He/him/his

    Jorge Guerreiro, He/him/his

    Law Graduate, Immigration
  • Marvin Espana, He/him/his

    Marvin Espana, He/him/his

    Law Graduate, Immigration
  • Nathan Karnovsky, He/Him/His

    Nathan Karnovsky, He/Him/His

    Law Graduate, CDP
  • Yaniv Kot, He/Him/His

    Yaniv Kot, He/Him/His

    Law Graduate, CDP
  • Melissa Madan

    Melissa Madan

    Team Leader & Program Coordinator of Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies, FDP
  • My Le, My/They/Them/Theirs

    My Le, My/They/Them/Theirs

    Law Graduate, CDP
  • Lizzie Bright, No preferred pronoun

    Lizzie Bright, No preferred pronoun

    Law Graduate, CDP
  • Rachel Seidman

    Rachel Seidman

    Civil Legal Advocate, CAP
  • Alexandra Valdez, She/Her/Hers

    Alexandra Valdez, She/Her/Hers

    Law Graduate, CDP
  • Blair Mason, She/Her/Hers

    Blair Mason, She/Her/Hers

    Law Graduate, Immigration
  • Edie Joseph, She/Her/Hers

    Edie Joseph, She/Her/Hers

    Law Graduate, CDP
  • Emily Friedman, She/Her/Hers

    Emily Friedman, She/Her/Hers

    Law Graduate, CAP
  • Emma Connolly, She/Her/Hers

    Emma Connolly, She/Her/Hers

    Law Graduate, FDP
  • Erika Nyborg-Burch, She/Her/Hers

    Erika Nyborg-Burch, She/Her/Hers

    Attorney, Immigration
  • Falon Rainer, She/Her/Hers

    Falon Rainer, She/Her/Hers

    Law Graduate, CDP
  • Frances Weil, She/Her/Hers

    Frances Weil, She/Her/Hers

    Law Graduate, CDP
  • Gina Papera-Ewing, She/Her/Hers

    Gina Papera-Ewing, She/Her/Hers

    Law Graduate, CDP
  • Hillela Simpson, She/her/hers

    Hillela Simpson, She/her/hers

    Attorney, CDP
  • Janae Hunte, She/her/hers

    Janae Hunte, She/her/hers

    Attorney, FDP
  • Kaitlyn Hartmann, She/her/hers

    Kaitlyn Hartmann, She/her/hers

    Law Graduate, FDP
  • Kelly Chen, She/Her/Hers

    Kelly Chen, She/Her/Hers

    Law Graduate, FDP
  • Kyla Kuvach, She/her/hers

    Kyla Kuvach, She/her/hers

    Law Graduate, FDP
  • Luz Beato, She/Her/Hers

    Luz Beato, She/Her/Hers

    Attorney, CDP
  • Michelle Soto, She/her/hers

    Michelle Soto, She/her/hers

    Spanish Speaking Investigator, Investigators
  • Norma Esquivel, She/Her/Hers

    Norma Esquivel, She/Her/Hers

    Law Graduate, CDP
  • Rachel Banks, She/Her/Hers

    Rachel Banks, She/Her/Hers

    Law Graduate, CDP
  • Rosa Saavedra-Vanacore, She/Her/Hers

    Attorney, Immigration
  • Sabrina Lee, She/Her/Hers

    Sabrina Lee, She/Her/Hers

    Attorney, CDP
  • Urooj Khan, She/Her/Hers

    Urooj Khan, She/Her/Hers

    Attorney, CDP
  • Vanessa Godinez, She/Her/Hers

    Vanessa Godinez, She/Her/Hers

    Law Graduate, Immigration
  • Viviana Arcia, She/Her/Hers

    Viviana Arcia, She/Her/Hers

    Law Graduate, Immigration
  • Zoe Engberg, She/Her/Hers

    Zoe Engberg, She/Her/Hers

    Law Graduate, CDP
  • Allaina Sines

    Allaina Sines

    Attorney, FDP
  • Amalea Smirniotopoulos

    Amalea Smirniotopoulos

    Team Leader & Supervising Attorney, CDP
  • Dany Greene, They/Them/Theirs

    Dany Greene, They/Them/Theirs

    Fellow, LGBTQ
  • Anne Venhuizen

    Anne Venhuizen

    Team Leader and Supervising Attorney, FDP