We are public defenders.

Our Staff

  • Brian Arthur

    Brian Arthur

    Supervising Attorney, CDP
  • MaryAnn Barile

    MaryAnn Barile

    Attorney, FDP
  • Ivan Bohorquez

    Ivan Bohorquez

    Legal Advocate, CAP
  • Maggie Carrasquillo

    Maggie Carrasquillo

    Social Worker, FDP
  • Tracey Carter

    Tracey Carter

    Parent Advocate, FDP
  • Anne Dean

    Anne Dean

    Forensic Practice Group Ballistics Specialist, Attorney, CDP
  • Tahanee Dunn

    Tahanee Dunn

    Law Graduate, CAP
  • La Shawna Easter

    La Shawna Easter

    Team Administrator
  • Taylor Eutsey

    Taylor Eutsey

    Social Worker, CDP
  • Robyn Goldberg

    Robyn Goldberg

    Adolecence Defense Project, CDP
  • Martha Grieco

    Martha Grieco

    Attorney, Criminal Defense Practice
  • Andrew Jimenez

    Andrew Jimenez

    Parent Advocate, FDP
  • Kate Johnson-Powers

    Kate Johnson-Powers

    Social Worker, Immigration
  • Sarah Knight

    Sarah Knight

    Social Worker, Immigration
  • Karen Leve

    Karen Leve

    Attorney, FDP
  • Zoe Levine

    Zoe Levine

    Legal Director, Immigration Practice
  • Lauren Migliaccio

    Lauren Migliaccio

    Attorney, Immigration
  • Dianesa Rodriguez-Chevalier

    Dianesa Rodriguez-Chevalier

    Immigration Civil Legal Advocate, Immigration
  • Jeremiah Rygus

    Jeremiah Rygus

    Attorney, DNA Specialist, CDP
  • Erin Schechter

    Erin Schechter

    Team Leader and Supervising Attorney, FDP
  • Gregg Stankewicz

    Gregg Stankewicz

    Director of the Adolescent Defense Project and Attorney, CDP
  • Sidney Thaxter

    Sidney Thaxter

    Digital Forensics Unit, Investigator Supervisor
  • Claire Urban

    Claire Urban

    Supervising Attorney, Immigration
  • Paul Vernon

    Paul Vernon

    Attorney, DNA Specialist, CDP
  • Katie Wozencroft

    Katie Wozencroft

    Training Director, CDP