We are public defenders.

Our Staff

  • Caitlin Becker

    Caitlin Becker

    Managing Director of Social Work
  • Candice Carnage

    Candice Carnage

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Alice Fontier

    Alice Fontier

    Managing Director, CDP
  • Emma Ketteringham

    Emma Ketteringham

    Managing Director, FDP
  • Craig Levine

    Craig Levine

    Director of Policy Reform
  • Robyn Mar

    Robyn Mar

    Deputy Managing Director, CDP
  • Justine Olderman

    Justine Olderman

    Executive Director
  • Sarah Deri Oshiro

    Sarah Deri Oshiro

    Managing Director, Immigration
  • Runa Rajagopal

    Runa Rajagopal

    Managing Director, Civil Action Practice
  • Johanna Steinberg

    Johanna Steinberg

    General Counsel, Director of Impact Litigation