We are public defenders.

Our Staff

  • Kayla Bennett

    Kayla Bennett

    Social Worker, CDP
  • Ashley Burrell

    Ashley Burrell

    Attorney, CDP
  • Lenora Easter

    Lenora Easter

    Attorney, CDP
  • Emily Galvin

    Emily Galvin

    Attorney, CDP
  • Brigitte Hamadey

    Brigitte Hamadey

    Immigration Attorney, CAP
  • Debbie Jonas

    Debbie Jonas

    Attorney, FDP
  • Jim Keniff

    Jim Keniff

    Legal and Training Director, FDP
  • Stacey Kennard

    Stacey Kennard

    Education Attorney, CDP
  • Ann Mathews

    Ann Mathews

    Team Leader and Supervising Attorney, CDP
  • Jodi Morales-Vargas

    Jodi Morales-Vargas

    Attorney, CDP
  • Sarah Deri Oshiro

    Sarah Deri Oshiro

    Team Leader and Supervising Attorney, Immigration
  • Angelo Petrigh

    Angelo Petrigh

    Supervising Attorney, CDP
  • Emily Pickens

    Emily Pickens

    Parent Advocate, FDP
  • Asia Piña

    Asia Piña

    Social Worker, FDP
  • Jennifer Salcedo

    Jennifer Salcedo

    Team Administrator
  • Adam Shoop

    Adam Shoop

    Attorney, CAP
  • Jessica Swensen

    Jessica Swensen

    Supervising Attorney, Immigration