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News & Updates

  • Solitary Confinement Project

    Solitary Confinement Project

    The Bronx Defenders Solitary Confinement Project captures the devastating stories of Bronx Defenders clients currently or formerly held in solitary confinement at Rikers Island, and also helps clients file Article 78 forms, which are used to challenge placements in solitary confinement.

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  • Adolescent Defense Project

    Adolescent Defense Project

    An interdisciplinary project providing specialized representation to our youngest clients (14, 15 and 16 year olds) in need of intensive assistance and intervention.

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  • Parent Support Group

    Parent Support Group

    The Parent Support Group, led by clients of The Bronx Defenders, was organized with the vision that through peer support, parents can find some normalcy and guidance in their sometimes challenging experiences. Members of the group sit down regularly over food, conversation, and group-led activities to discuss their situations in a positive way.

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  • Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies

    Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies

    Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies (HMHB) focuses on keeping infants safely at home with their parents by working with pregnant women who are at risk of losing their newborns to foster care.

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  • The Bronx Defenders Organizing Project

    The Bronx Defenders Organizing Project

    The Bronx Defenders Organizing Project brings together clients, former clients, and community members to fight for justice and fairness in the South Bronx and beyond.

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  • Bail Reform Initiative

    Bail Reform Initiative

    We have spearheaded a city-wide initiative to radically change the way judges set bail in New York. We have created teaching materials and conducted trainings for public defenders, private attorneys and judges on alternative forms of bail.

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  • Fundamental Fairness Project

    Fundamental Fairness Project

    The project addresses the ways in which the process has become the punishment for huge numbers of people caught in the web of the criminal justice system and aims to make interactions with the courts less onerous, more efficient, and ultimately more meaningful for our clients.

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  • Affirmative Litigation

    Affirmative Litigation

    Over the years we engaged in high impact, change-oriented advocacy by filing affirmative litigation cases to further promote fairness in the criminal justice system, reduce barriers to reentry, and create opportunities for our clients.

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  • Checklist Project

    Checklist Project

    Designed by Bronx Defenders advocates from our criminal, civil, family and social work practices, the Checklist ensures that our clients are appropriately screened by attorneys at arraignments for all their legal and non-legal needs.

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  • Bronx Freedom Fund

    Bronx Freedom Fund

    The Bronx Freedom Fund is a rotating criminal bail fund that posts bail for poor South Bronx residents charged with misdemeanors.

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  • Client Emergency Fund

    Client Emergency Fund

    The Client Emergency Fund provides small-scale, quick donations of diapers and food directly to our clients in moments of crisis.

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  • New York Immigrant Family Unity Project

    New York Immigrant Family Unity Project

    The New York Immigrant Family Unity Project is the first institutionally-provided public defender program in the country for immigrants facing deportation.

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  • South Bronx Stories Podcast

    South Bronx Stories Podcast

    In this podcast, Bronx Defenders’ clients and staff tell their stories. One client recounts how he was beaten up by the police — and ended up in a coma. He hasn’t been the same ever since. Another client describes how his negative experiences with stop-and-frisk inspired him to become a police reform activist. But there...

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  • Marijuana Arrest Project

    Marijuana Arrest Project

    The Bronx Defenders Marijuana Arrest Project (MAP), launched in collaboration with Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton, addresses the devastating consequences of the NYPD's enforcement of New York’s marijuana laws.

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  • Links Not Chains

    Links Not Chains

    Links Not Chains is a blog is dedicated to the creative expression of Bronx Defenders clients who are currently incarcerated. Through this blog, which is maintained and updated by Bronx Defenders staff and interns, clients are able to share their stories, poems, thoughts, or simply send out a message of thanks to those who have been supporting them.

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  • Defenders’ Academy

    Defenders’ Academy

    Defenders' Academy is a unique CLE trial skills program for public defenders and private attorneys.

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  • Focus on Fathers

    Focus on Fathers

    The Focus on Fathers Project provides specialized, comprehensive legal services and support to our father clients in family court proceedings involving their children or who are re-entering the community after a period of incarceration.

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  • Reentry Net

    Reentry Net

    An innovative clearinghouse on the consequences of criminal proceedings, Reentry Net grew out of our role as a statewide expert in the field.

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  • The Bronx Defenders’ Law School Clinics

    The Bronx Defenders’ Law School Clinics

    The Bronx Defenders offers two law school clinics through the Cardozo School of Law and Columbia Law School.

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  • The Center For Holistic Defense

    The Center For Holistic Defense

    The Center for Holistic Defense is a national training resource center located at The Bronx Defenders and funded by the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance.

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  • National Reunification Month

    National Reunification Month

    The American Bar Association designated June as National Reunification Month to celebrate the accomplishments of parents in getting their children home. To commemorate this special month and the importance it holds for our clients who are parents, The Bronx Defenders hosts an annual Celebration of Families.

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  • Voter Enfranchisement Project

    Voter Enfranchisement Project

    The Voter Enfranchisement Project (VEP) promotes meaningful civic participation among people with criminal justice involvement.

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  • Forensic Practice Group

    Forensic Practice Group

    Given the ever-increasing reliance on forensic evidence in the justice system, particularly in the areas of criminal defense and family defense, The Bronx Defenders has created a Forensic Practice Group as a resource for attorneys from all practice specialties within the office.

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When we first opened our doors in the South Bronx, we were eight advocates with the passion and drive to create a new kind of public defense. Today, The Bronx Defenders has over 250 zealous advocates who represent 35,000 clients each year.

We couldn’t do this alone. We are deeply grateful to our wonderful board of directors, pro bono law firm partners, foundation grantors, corporate stakeholders, individual supporters, elected officials and community partners who have enabled us to grow and pioneer a new kind of public defense. Thank you for your support.